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The African Nubian Suite

Randy Weston African Rhythms Orchestra
2012 Premiere at the Skirball, NY, USA 
 Composed and performed by: Randy Weston with his African Rhythms Orchestra.

Double CD Album "The African Nubian Suite"

An African Nubian Suite salutes the Nubians
who were the first human race on earth
and the oldest of the great civilizations in Africa.

The suite was conceived through Weston's relationship with the traditional peoples
of Aswan in which you experienced the spirituality of Africa with music and poetry.

1. Nubia

Wayne Chandler (Narrator), Ayodele Maakheru (Nefer)

2. Tehuti
Wayne Chandler (Narrator), Ayodele Maakheru (Nefer)

3. The Call
Wayne Chandler (Narrator), Orchestra, featuring
Cecil Bridgewater (Trumpet) & Candido (Percussion)

4. Ardi
Wayne Chandler (Narrator), Randy Weston (Piano) & Howard Johnson (Tuba)

5. Sidi Bilal
Randy Weston (Piano), Lhoussine Bouhamidy (Ganawa)

6. Spirit of Touba
Randy Weston (Piano), Salieu Suso (Kora) & T.K. Blue (Flute)

7. Shang Dynasty
Wayne Chandler (Narrator), Randy Weston (Piano)
& Min Xiao -Fen (Pipa)

8. Children song Domou linguere Diarra Modiene
Randy Weston (Piano), Martin Kwaku Obeng (Balafon)

9. Blues for Tricky Sam
Randy Weston (Piano), Robert Trowers (Trombone)

10. Cleanhead Blues
Randy Weston (Piano), Billy Harper (Tenor Sax)

11. Nanapa Panama Blues
Randy Weston (Piano), Alex Blake (Bass)

12. The Woman
Wayne Chandler (Narrator)

13. Poetry with Randy Weston
Jayne Cortez (Poet), Randy Weston (Piano)

14. The African Family
Randy Weston (Piano), Orchestra, featuring Lewis Nash (Drums),
Neil Clarke (African Percussion) & Ayanda Clarke (African Percussion)

15. Battle of the Saxophones
T. K. Blue & Billy Harper

16. Soundiata
Tanpani Demda Cissoko (Singer)

Robin Kelly, M.C ………………………………………Introduction
Wayne B.Chandler ………………………………Narrator, Writer
Randy Weston ….Producer, Composer, Band Leader, Pianist

An African Nubian Suite was developed with support of the Guggenheim Foundation.  

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